The Art and Science of Health,
At a Global Scale

Lile Wellness Partners has always been dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of our patients. Evolving treatment methods and updated research inform our decisions. As we continue to face global healthcare challenges, progress is even more urgent. 

To kick off 2022, Dr. Lile wrapped up a successful COVID-19 clinical trial in Rwanda. More than three decades of developing, teaching, and practicing the principles of preventative care qualify her as an advisor in the global health sphere, and her impact continues to grow.

While the results of the trial are still being analyzed, preliminary indications are promising and worthy of immediate attention. The double-blind Prothione™ Capsule trial enrolled over 231 patients, incorporated 14,091 COVID-19 positive visits and performed 21,940 lab tests and biomarkers. 

Selecting treatment approaches that are accessible, inexpensive, broadly effective, and have the highest likelihood of success is critical. Our patients and communities deserve it. 

We’re proud of the work Dr. Lile has done to advance COVID-19 treatment. Her passion for our patients drives her success as a trusted source for preventative care and global healthcare system reform. By using 21st Century medical innovation and scientific discoveries that are customized for each patient, Dr. Lile believes that the availability of innovative therapeutics and primary care for those in need is not only possible, but within reach.

This most recent trial effort is a step towards that goal. 

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