Lile Wellness Partners began as Island Medical Practice in 2008. Founded by Dr. Laura Lile, Island Medical Practice began in Grosse Ile, Michigan. As Dr. Lile began transitioning her practice into concierge medicine, she opened offices in Franklin, Michigan, Atlanta, Georgia and Nashville, Tennessee.

In 2015, Dr. Lile changed her practice name to Lile Wellness Partners. This name fully embodies the spirit and realities of her practice as she works to build relationships with her patients and shepherd them on their path to wellness.

View from outside the office.

While Dr. Lile spends more of her time focusing on her concierge and consulting practice, she has taken her decades of knowledge in the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy field and passed that on to her colleagues. Lile Wellness Partners is staffed by highly competent practitioners who have been trained by Dr. Lile to handle less complex cases as well as to consult on difficult cases. Our patients receive excellent care at every level.

As we have continued to care for our patients’ general medical needs, our services have expanded over the years to improving patient longevity, diagnoses of complex issues, consultations with patients’ medical teams and providing trend line analyses leading to individualized holistic solutions as well as overall wellness tracking on a regular concierge basis.

Lile Wellness Partners is dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of patients to help guide them through an often confusing mix of traditional and alternative medicine treatments. We focus on innovative and natural treatments that are safe to work with your body to help reestablish function, boost nutritional status, enhance your immune function and help the body heal itself.

We believe in the art and science of your health.

Laura Lile, M.D., R.Ph.

Dr. Lile in the foyer of her office building.

Dr. Lile has devoted more than three decades to developing, teaching and practicing the principles of preventative healthcare and wellness. She has and will continue working to build a new operating system for primary care using 21st Century alternative medicine which is individualized to each patient, helping to work towards the root cause. She is a true pioneer and leader in the preventative health industry, focusing on care for patients at any level of health. Dr. Lile continuously strives to take her already grand vision to the next level. She currently has a training center in the new headquarters for practitioners who are looking to transition to learning 21st Century wellness care.

Over the years, Dr. Lile’s reputation as an expert in the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy field has grown to encompass a global reputation for her larger, more impactful role as medical quarterback and problem solver. Her expertise in taking on complex cases, coordinating care and taking the lead position in her patients’ medical teams and methodical problem-solving skills have caused her to be one of the most sought-after concierge and consulting physicians in the U.S.

As both a board-certified medical doctor and registered pharmacist, she has the distinct honor of being one of the only dual credentialed compounding pharmacist and preventative health medical doctors in the world. Dr. Lile has the unique ability to personalize each patient’s prescriptions and oversee the creation of the customized formulation at the on-site compounding pharmacy. Her unique training in age management helps to shift the emphasis from disease-driven medicine to a focus on optimal health utilizing a proactive, preventative healthcare approach.

Dr. Lile is the go to health care provider for A list celebrities, world renowned CEOs, and major athletes as clients while also serving the general public. She works tirelessly for her clients to feel comfortable and intuitive about their body at any level, and considers her doctor client relationship as a true partnership. Dr. Lile practices with the intent for her clients to never feel alone, and to diminish the fear that can come with health challenges as well as to win the game of life. Dr. Lile is on the offensive medicine while everyone else is playing defense.

Dr. Lile is often sought out as a speaker on both national and international stages. Her passion for helping others is apparent when speaking to educate groups about the benefits of taking control of their personal health and wellness with her unique approach to preventative health. She has used her talents to combine the art and science of health-care by providing solutions to individualized patient problems using data driven trend analysis to guide patients to optimal health and wellness, ensuring they are getting to the root cause of their illness. Her approach can benefit any patient, anywhere and her mission is to effectively change how health-care is delivered, one patient at a time!

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Interview with Suzanne Somers

Some people believe it’s a lot of work to be healthy – but it’s much more work to be sick! Being on top of your health merely requires dedication and knowledge.

The key to success is finding a health care practitioner who will be a health partner; working with you and tailoring a wellness plan designed specifically to your needs.

Dr. Laura Lile is not just an M.D.; she is a Compounding Pharmacist who went to medical school to make a difference in people’s lives – continuing to educate herself so that her patients can achieve a positive outcome. In this video interview with, Dr. Lile explains her unique background and her approach to treating the whole patient.