You’re Unique. Your Medication Should Be, Too.

Before mass production of prescriptions began in the 1950s and ‘60s, nearly all prescriptions were compounded. Because compounding was largely replaced by this process, pharmacists’ roles morphed from the creators of prescriptions to the dispensers of prescriptions.

Recent years have seen a swinging of the pendulum back toward increased recognition of and demand for compounded medications.

Dr. Lile is a registered Compounding Pharmacist. Her patients receive the benefit of prescriptions that are made specifically for them, based on their individual needs. This customized medication is often far more effective with far fewer side effects. If changes need to be made, a compounding pharmacist is able to adjust the ingredients that make up the prescription, not just blindly adjust dosages and hope for the best.

This “old” method of creating medication is revolutionizing 21st century healthcare — and changing the lives of our patients.