There’s a Doctor in the House

The French word concierge means “caretaker,” making it the perfect descriptor for the type of attention the concierge patients of Lile Wellness Partners receive.

Because physicians who maintain a concierge practice see fewer patients than other doctors, concierge patients receive the benefit of more focused, in-depth care. Dr. Lile works with her patients to gain an overview of their entire health scenario and lifestyle in order to manage their health from a holistic point of view. This approach is the difference between ad hoc care and a wellness partnership.

The patients of Lile Wellness Partners are each unique, with one strong common denominator: they all believe investing in their health is one of the most important investments — if not the most important investment — they can make. We invest in many things in life, but without our health, what good are most of them?

Because we value your investment, we strive to exceed your expectations. Our patients tell us that the knowledge that they have a partner in their pursuit of health and wellness is invaluable.

Concierge medicine is a fee-based arrangement that includes more extensive lab panels than ordered at most practices, a comprehensive personal profile and more direct access to your physician, which includes phone/Skype conferences and visits to your home or office when feasible.

Connecting the Health Dots

Even though you may be in the care of a more-than-capable physician, sometimes it feels like you’re alone, or unsure, when it comes to making important decisions regarding your care, especially in complex medical cases. Most practitioners have a revolving door of patients — getting to know each of them well from historical and global medical points of view is virtually impossible.

In cases like these, Dr. Lile and her trained medical team act as a consultant between you and your other physicians. Her unique approach to analyzing lab results over long periods of time, piecing together historical data and analyzing trends positions her as a problem solver, a physician who is better positioned to come up with solutions because she approaches the situation differently.

Key to reaching those breakthroughs is listening. Dr. Lile takes the time to listen carefully to each patient’s journey. Testing and exams reveal much, but they don’t reveal everything. Sometimes it’s the little things a patient reveals through conversation that end up being the key that unlocks the door to the solution.

Finally, Dr. Lile’s pharmaceutical skills allow her to consult with other physicians on patient care cases with better medication choices that can be more effective while minimizing side effects and risks.

When you could use a health care advocate (and excellent medical sleuth!), contact Dr. Lile to discuss consultation services.

Some of the services Dr. Lile provides to her concierge patients include:

  • Healthcare liaison: coordinate complex care ensuring all physicians are informed and work-ing as a team
  • Age management: review of historical lab results with an eye toward metabolic activity trends and appropriate treatment for age-management, including hormone replacement therapy as well as cosmetic services such as Botox
  • Preventative healthcare: our patients receive an individualized approach based on trend analysis with comprehensive blood work and supplements tailored to each person’s unique medical needs.
  • IV vitamin C: high dose vitamin C is a highly effective treatment for health and wellness as well as many medical conditions, including cancer
  • Genetic cardiac testing: a screening to stay on top of any future potentially dangerous cardiac events
  • Pharmacogenetics testing: individualized DNA testing to ensure you are taking the medications with appropriate efficacy

Dr. Lile sees her concierge patients at her offices located in Grosse Ile, MI; Franklin, MI; Nashville, TN; and Atlanta, GA. No time for an office visit? You can schedule a phone or Skype consultation with Dr. Lile and stay on top of your health care even with a hectic schedule.

For information on what to expect on your first visit and Concierge fees, see our FAQ page.