Aging doesn’t have to bring pain and discomfort

As we age, many of us are surprised to find that we have health and wellness issues that begin to impact the quality of our daily lives. (Now we understand why “old people” are always talking about what hurts!) While these issues are important to understand and manage, their management may not require the concierge medicine approach.

That’s why, in addition to Dr. Lile’s concierge practice, Lile Wellness Partners offers consulting services on a pay-per-visit basis, like a traditional practice, rather than utilizing the concierge retainer model. More often than not, patients who are seen on a consulting basis are cared for by Dr. Lile’s highly skilled practitioners, who work closely with Dr. Lile to offer the quality of care that we are known for.

Some of the most common reasons our patients seek consultations can be found below. If you believe you could benefit from a consulting visit for these or other issues, please contact our office.

Bioidentical Hormone & Testosterone Replacement

BHRT, or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, is more effective way to treat patients who are experiencing the loss of hormones.

In the case of perimenopausal or menopausal women, hormone replacement has been under attack for several years, causing many women — and their doctors — to shy away from prescribing hormones. We know that replacing these hormones is vital to women as they age, and can ease many of the more unpleasant side effects of this stage of life.

The culprit in this scenario? Synthetic hormones that contain elements not natural to the human body. In addition, mass-produced drugs may supply too much of one thing and not enough of another. One person’s sweet spot could be another person’s poison.

With BHRT, your medication is tailored to your specific hormone status and contains only natural-to-the-human-body ingredients. Using more in-depth lab testing, Dr. Lile is able to identify what your body requires and craft a hormone replacement just for you.

For men, testosterone replacement has been controversial due to the fear of increased cardiovascular incidents, such as heart attack and stroke. What is often overlooked are the many benefits of testosterone replacement, including decreased risk of diabetes, hypertension and body fat mass. In addition, older men with higher levels of testosterone tended to be more physically active, a key factor in helping avoid cardiovascular incidents.

Utilizing more in-depth blood testing than most physicians, Lile Wellness Partner’s medical team is able to more accurately determine what strength and type of testosterone would be most beneficial to each patient, rather than relying on medications produced for the general public. With regular monitoring, the addition of testosterone can be safe and enhance the overall health of older males.

Weight Management

When losing or maintaining a healthy weight on your own is difficult, seeing and being monitored by a physician can make a significant difference in achieving results. We’ll determine if there are unknown factors at play and take a look at your overall health, not just count calories and advise exercise (although we’ll do that, too!). Often, other health issues can make losing weight and keeping it off more difficult for some people. We can help make those determinations, create an individualized plan and monitor your progress along the way.


The tiny thyroid gland is one of the most important gland in the body. If you become hypothyroid or hyperthyroid, any number of physical issues come into play, bordering from irritating to debilitating. Finding the right thyroid medication level to get you to your “sweet spot” and enabling you to feel normal is something that can take time and careful monitoring. And thyroid disease isn’t just a woman’s disease, as is often thought. Many men are affected by hypo or hyperthyroidism but may not be diagnosed. This disease, once diagnosed and properly managed, does not have to affect daily quality of life. Lile Wellness Partners has had great success helping men and women effectively manage this ailment.

Nutritional and Supplement Consultations

The pharmacy aisles are filled with vitamins and supplements, each one claiming to make you healthier. The truth is, many of these over-the-counter medications suffer from the same malady that other mass-produced drugs do: they are often so generic as to be of little or no use to most people.

When a non-customized supplement isn’t getting the job done, we’ll provide a customized replacement. With a thorough, comprehensive blood panel, Dr. Lile can pinpoint the vitamins and nutrients your body is missing, and create a balanced regimen specifically compounded for your body’s needs. Being healthier shouldn’t be a guessing game. Give your body the elements it needs to perform at its best.

Meet Suzanne Somers

Some people believe it’s a lot of work to be healthy – but it’s much more work to be sick! Being on top of your health merely requires dedication and knowledge.

The key to success is finding a health care practitioner who will be a health partner; working with you and tailoring a wellness plan designed specifically to your needs.

Dr. Laura Lile is not just an M.D.; she is a Compounding Pharmacist who went to medical school to make a difference in people’s lives – continuing to educate herself so that her patients can achieve a positive outcome. In this video interview with, Dr. Lile explains her unique background and her approach to treating the whole patient.