Now You Can See How Your Body Feels

When your body is under stress from illness, chronic conditions, or acute trauma, it reacts by increasing blood flow to affected areas. This blood flow can be indicative of a number of conditions, including breast cancer, peripheral vascular disease, neuromusculoskeletal disorders, facial vascular disease, thyroid gland abnormalities, and various metabolic and inflammatory conditions.

Now at Lile Wellness Partners, we’re using a breakthrough technology that provides the earliest possible detection of these and other inflammatory conditions. Medical Thermography is non-invasive, pain-free, radiation-free, and contact-less imaging system that allows us to “see” beneath the surface of your skin to accurately measure minute changes in temperature. These temperature changes show blood flow – either enhanced or diminished – that can be early indications of a variety of conditions. When coupled with other diagnostic tools, thermography can improve our understanding of exactly what is happening internally and can help direct the care plan.

Contact us today to discover how our infrared thermography imaging can help both of us better understand the current state of your wellness and further inform a comprehensive approach to your care.